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Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm PDT
be the gunman, 23-year-old paul ciancia, who was ultimately shot by police and is now in custody. >> this individual was shooting as he went into the terminal. the officers didn't hesitate. they went after this individual and they confronted this individual. >> reporter: police say ciancia shot several tsa employees. one of them a behavior detection officer died. >> unfortunately, we were unable to revive a heartbeat and he expired from severe gunshot wounds to his chest and to his abdomen. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news anti-government and anti- tsa writings were found in ciancia's bag. officials say he sent a text message to his family in new jersey earlier today threatening to kill himself. the airport terminal was evacuated but some passengers who were unable to get out crammed into restroom stalls for safety. a semi-automatic rifle was recovered at the scene. >>> it's been the subject of a legal battle in federal court for months. how mentally ill inmates are treated in california prisons. reporter angelie hemphill shows us videos just released by a judge. we warn you so
Nov 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
. officers shot ciancia within minutes of the rampage. he's now in the hospital heavily sedated. randy page is at l.a.x. tonight with a push for more security. >> reporter: this is the tsa security checkpoint in terminal 3, where the fatal shooting took place on friday. today, we saw no visible armed law enforcement personnel stationed on either side of the check point. one airport police officer stopped by briefly, then continued walking to the terminal. the union representing tsa employees nationwide is asking for more protection for its unarmed agents. in a statement today, stating in part, we feel a larger, and more consistent armed presence in screening areas would be a positive step in improving security for both tso's, and the flying public. in washington, d.c. today, attorney general eric holder weighed in. >> the investigation is obviously underway. part of that investigation will be to review the security measures that were in place, not only at l.a.x., but i think a review of the security arrangements that exist in other airports as well. >> how do other major airport
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2